This Was Just Too Much Fun!

Time to share some pictures of our incredible Antiques & Trade Fair! Arrival time was about 5:45AM and the traffic was crazy! There were some very unhappy vendors, just because they couldn't get through the mess to set up their wares, but all's well that ends well and the day was amazing!

Here's just one pile of stuff as we got set up. It was hard to get pictures...we had been told to be set up and ready by 9AM...but our first sale was before 7AM!!

We had different styles that all had to be in our 10x20 space and Dawn is great with dividing and displaying by color. So she went to work on the darker furniture and accessories....

Don't you love the red fabric on this settee?? The oak chair to the side, the oak plant stand and the little oak chair are perfect display pieces...

This very cool sampler is hand stitched on an old tablecloth and framed in a wonderful vintage frame....

This little bird was something added by Dawn...it was gone so fast that I didn't even get a chance to really look at it! Looks like an engraving...but, whatever...it was so sweet.

Hand made prim carrots to put out in a wooden bowl or tie in a bunch...

Really great tote with lots of cubbies...we put a small plant in each one. Lots of shoppers wanted to buy the plants and we just sent them to "Lowe's"...78 cents each! And, do you love that bucket? It doesn't really show up here, but those letters are bright orange...with the black band it makes a great Fall accessory. Dawn has filled it with sunflowers for a centerpiece and it was great..

We had to do a couple of cottage sections and tried to keep the whole color thing going....

Cottage garden! The pictures under the table are very old needlepoint....

The tole painted tray was one of my favorite pieces...

Who Is That??? It's LUCY!!!

And here's a close up of our "Bad Girls of the South" Pink Embroidered Cap! Want one?? Check the sidebar... :)

Pink Garden & Fairies.....

And the lavender??? Gone in 2 hours! You could smell it as you walked up to our space and believe it or not, some wonderful shoppers stopped by just to get some!

Here's the yellow kitschy kitchen stuff.....

These dried Black Eyed Susan's are pressed in this prim white-washed frame...

Tomato teapot...don't you love it??

And...much to our surprise...this is all we finished with! No kidding!!

To say we were successful is putting it mildly! We had several visitors from the blog, to previous customers, to family, to friends and it was such a surprise. We had so much fun and realized we didn't even have enough to set up for the 2nd day...panic mode! But...as anyone in Central FL knows, you can never depend on the weather and we woke up at 5AM to 40 mph wind and rain, so setting up was impossible for us since we didn't have a tent.

So...to all of our friends, old & new, we thank you for stopping by and being so very supportive!

Talk to you soon.... :)


Just Keep Trying...

So sorry for the delay in posting info about the Antique Fair...and some very cool pictures...but Blogger is giving me a fit! I've tried about 5 times now to get these pictures up for you, but no luck :(

You can see the picture below that shows just one of the great displays that came together..so Spring-y. The prim garden stuff went quick and so did the fresh lavender bunches! WE had some people that read about the Fair and got some of the advance details and were looking for that lavender. And...how abouyt that "Bad Girls" hat...how cute, right?? Soft pink with rich brown embroidery letters. We are hopoing to get another batch and make them available to you. The coordinator of the whole Fair got one and wore it all day...such fun!

Anyway...maybe Blogger will have itself together tomorrow, so I'll try again. Thanks a bunch!


The hits just keep on comin'

Well here ya go, the pile is growing!! Hope you've made your plans to get here this weekend, it is going to be AWESOME...Cassie is officially on her way and Mom, Abby, you all remember her ,(famous for ALWAYS being at our store When Pigs Fly while Cass and I were out hunting and pecking for all the cool stuff we had), anyway, Abby came by and gave her seal of approval and said, "Are you sure you want to sell some of that...you'll never find it again...!"

Yes, MOM! It's all going! Hope to see you this weekend.....drive safe!!


Locked & Loaded

Almost ready to head out...I'm about 45 minutes away and spending the night with my Mom will make the early morning wake up a bit easier..haha!

Wish I had these for tomorrow...how cute is this?? Have a great weekend and be sure to have fun, whatever you do!!


Dawn's Pile o' stuff you might want vs Cassie's beautifully staged antiquities for purchase

Ahhhh ...the difference between my darling sis and I.......
Hope we see you this weekend....................

It's Here & It Smells Heavenly!!

It just came today and it's beautiful!! What?? Fresh Lavender Bunches!!! I'm talking about fresh from the field, smells like heaven, wish I had it in every room, Lavender Bunches...

** These will be $6 a bunch or 2 for $10.**

These are going to be tied up with pretty pink, white and lavender organza ribbon and will be perfect for laying out on your hall table or guest bathroom. Even standing in a crystal vase...I mean, really......spring or what??

One more thing...vintage child's shoe molds...sweet, sweet, sweet!

Sneak Peek

Seems like everything is coming together as planned! Just wanted to give you a sneak peek of some of the treasures we have found!

Do you love this little oak chair?? This belonged to a wonderful lady who told me that she sat in it when she was a very little girl...and she's now about 82 years old!

But, if the whole cottage and garden look is your thing, then this is the perfect chair for you! And, I am loving this little shabby blue stool. :)

Cute bow-back chair that has been painted more than once...and not by me! This is just the way I found it...

This serving tray covered with roses is so very pretty! Great shape and is an old one. Another great estate find....

The weather is supposed to be beautiful on Saturday...if you are in the Central FL/ Mt. Dora area come on out and enjoy the sunshine!



Happy Spring!!!

For those of you in Central FL that have had a long time love of everything aged and wonderful, "Bad Girls of the South" may seem familiar, but to those of you who don't know us....it's great to meet you!

Two sisters had a dream a while back (longer than we want to admit, actually) and we had the amazing oppportunity to follow that dream to it's fullest. Being shop owners of the original "When Pigs Fly" in Mt. Dora, FL was an amazing gift, but time marches on and things change. That door closed, another opened and "Bad Girls of the South" was born! We've been kind of quiet, just doing some things here and there, but gearing up for something special and wanted to include all of you!

After hunting and searching and rescuing tattered pieces that have stories to tell, we will be sharing these with you at the Mt. Dora Antique and Trades Fair! Yep...2 days of needful things...and some things just for fun! When?? Saturday, March 28th and Sunday, March 29th, beginning at 10AM. As usual, the downtown streets will be full of lots of special things and we can be found in Booth #20...just a bit south of the corner at Donnelly & 5th. There will be guides and maps to tell you about everything, but here is a sneak peek...

So, there you have it! What a way to start Spring, right?? We will have a bit of everything from shabby to garden, from cottage to primitive...and we are so excited to share it with you all!

What's next?? Hmmmm...some talking going on but no final decisions yet. We'll let you know...:)

Wishing you all a Happy Spring Weekend...and, as always, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts...